Salsbury Products offers an extensive selection of rural, residential, and commercial mailboxes and a complete line of custom signage for your home or business.

Custom Plaques and Address Markers
Ideal for homes and businesses, rectangular sand cast aluminum plaques or signs are available in standard and large sizes. Each custom made plaque has raised gold painted characters on a black, green, maroon or white background. Rectangular plaques are available as surface mounted or lawn mounted. If lawn mounted, standard rectangular plaques include one (1) 23 stake and large rectangular plaques include two (2) 23 stakes. Rectangular plaques can be customized with one or two lines of characters. One line custom signs can accommodate up to five (5) numbers or sixteen (16) letters/spaces. Two line specialty custom plaques and address markers can accommodate up to five (5) numbers or sixteen (16) letters/spaces on line one and up to sixteen (16) letters/spaces on line two.

Brass Numbers and Letters
Ideal for identifying homes and businesses, 6 brass numbers and letters are made of solid brass and are thick. Ordered individually, brass numbers and letters are available in a polished brass finish or a chrome finish.

Name and Number Kit
Made of vinyl, name and number kits include 260 self-adhesive 1 labels that are ideal for identifying mailboxes, mail and package drops and many other applications. Each name and number kit includes letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

Reflective Numbers and Letters
Made of high quality mylar, 3 reflective numbers and letters are ideal for identifying mailboxes, mailbox posts, package drops and many other applications. Ordered individually, each self-adhesive number / letter is black on a reflective silver background.

We hope that you will visit for a complete description of all of our postal items, including our custom signage selection of customized signs, address markers and plaques, home or house signs, house numbers and letters, brass finish or reflective numbers and letters kits, and more.

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